At first, I was very self-conscious.

Since meeting the teachers who are always there to support and teach me the importance of not giving up and being discouraged when I fail, I have gradually become more confident in my abilities.

Although there are many worries and difficulties ahead, I am afraid that I will regret it if I don't try once, so I am determined to strive until the end to realize my dream.

Studying, training together, sharing with friends who have the same goals, walking the same path, we have grown up step by step together at OBC .

From today, I am determined to pursue my dream to the end with my own ability, to shine in my own way.



After graduating from the school, students will be granted a Japanese National Vocational Certificate and will be supported by the school and Caitac Group to find a job in Japan.

Depending on the Japanese Government's labor policy for foreigners from time to time, the duration of the Visa and the type of working visa for different occupations will be different (students should find out before deciding on the appropriate field of study).


OBC's campuses are located right in the center of Okayama city, just 5 to 15 minutes from the central train station, supermarket, commercial center, electronics center, Vietnamese-Japanese restaurant, etc. walk.

All campuses are fully equipped with the best facilities to support student learning.

Students can confidently develop their own abilities and practice skills at school with modern equipment and classroom space specifically designed for each faculty of the school.

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Iwatacho Campus 1
Iwatacho Campus 2
Iwatacho Campus 3
Tamachi Campus
Okayama Beauty Mode School (OBM)


Đào tạo thực tiễn

Okayama, The central city of Okayama Prefecture covers an area of 789.95 square kilometers with a population of 720,385. Favored by nature, famous for being the safest place in Japan with 3 NOs: "NO EARTHQUAKE, NO TSUNAMIS, NO NEUTRAL POWER FACTORIES". Okayama is also known as "The Sunny Land" and is one of the national urban centers of central Japan.


– Population: 720,385

– In which, the international community: 31,569

– Korakuen Garden is known as one of the three most beautiful national parks in Japan

– Okayama Castle was first built in 1597 and is also known as "crow castle"

– Average temperature in Okayama:

+ In April: 15OC / 57OF

+ In July: 27OC / 79OF

+ In October: 17OC / 63OF

+ In January: 4OC / 41OF

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