Okayama Business College (OBC Japan) was established in 1983, under Caitac Group.

Convenient learning environment; Favorable weather, few natural disasters, cheap materials; Modern facilities, located in the center of Okayama City; Regular exchange activities with Japanese students; Helping students find jobs after graduation,...

In addition, with 08 school commitments is why you should choose OBC to study Japanese as well as specialized faculties.


These are the 8 strengths and unique characteristics of OBC!

With these 8 highlights, OBC will accompany and support students on the path to adulthood and realize their dreams!

Đào tạo thực tiễn

Practical training!

Train students to be able to adapt to the rapid changes of today's society.

The school aims to train students who are able to adapt flexibly to change, professional knowledge, professional ethics, and high practical ability to meet today's actual recruitment needs.

Homeroom teachers care and support each student!

The school creates maximum conditions and supports international students to quickly integrate into life in Japan!

The close and friendly training environment helps students easily exchange and discuss difficulties and worries in learning, future orientation and even life problems.

Giáo viên chủ nhiệm quan tâm, hỗ trợ từng sinh viên

"All in OBC" + Can shorten the time to learn Japanese!

Instead of having to study for 2 years at a language school, and then learn and transfer to another college, at OBC, international students can study languages, get professional training, and get job-finding support without having to study abroad. worry about changing accommodation, school environment. In addition, depending on their ability, students can shorten the time to study Japanese as much as possible (reaching N3) to transfer to specialized faculties of the school.

Standard facilities!

With 3 campuses located in the heart of the city, equipped with modern facilities, suitable for learning purposes, with equipment close to reality, students can practice and practice skills specialize well.

Cơ sở vất chất, thiết bị đầy đủ

Comfortable dormitory, reasonable cost!

Dormitory is located in the city center with a large campus and reasonable cost, common rooms, individual rooms are fully equipped to help international students live and live during their studies at the school.

Job Support!

At OBC, international students are supported and accompanied during the job application process from 3 sides: OBC Employment Support Center, Caitac Group and Head Teachers.

Students receive career guidance and training in important skills right from year 1 and most of them get jobs in the middle of year 2.

Đời sống sinh viên vô cùng sinh động

Student life is full of exciting experiences!

The school's annual events as well as many extra-curricular activities of each faculty help students from different countries have many opportunities for cultural exchange, have fun together, learn from each other, expand relationships and improve their skills. their language skills.

The school is a solid rear, with a 38-year educational tradition!

OBC was established in 1983, is one of the colleges with a long tradition in central Japan.

Despite this, the school has not stopped developing and improving when in the summer of 2021 it is expected to complete the construction of a new campus located west of the center of Okayama city.

To date, with nearly 10,000 graduates, OBC is confident with its training experience and unique methods to help students get closer to their dreams.