Admissions from April 2022

Studying at Okayama West Station Campus. Duration of study: 02 years.

Being the first college to establish an eSports department in central Japan.

ESport Business

03 special features of the Faculty of eSports Business

Being the first school in central Japan to establish an eSports department.

In recent years, ESport has become exciting throughout Japan as well as around the world and has also officially become one of the official sports at the Olympic Games. OBC officially became the first school in central Japan to establish an eSports major in conjunction with Business.

Khoa Esport

Practical learning program combined with Okayama Prefecture eSport organization!

The program at the school is planned, supported, and co-taught with the Okayama Prefectural Esport organization under the Japan Esport Federation. Students will be taught by professional gamers combined with business hours in the industry.

Chương trình học thực tế

Campus is just a 3-minute walk from Okayama Central Station!

Is the most convenient environment for learning eSports.

As a campus exclusively for eSports faculty with full facilities and equipment such as game rooms, event rooms, etc., creating the most favorable environment for students' learning and development.

Campus chỉ cách ga trung tâm Okayama 3 phút đi bộ


- Working at eSport businesses or streamer

- Working at operating and organizing businesses

- eSports event organizer

- eSports caster

- Professional gamer

- MC, Game commentary

- Business

- Streamer

- Manage the game team

- etc

Training people

Ability to self-identify and solve problems.

Able to cope with adversity and handle situations positively.

Ability to build good relationships and respect the differences of each person.

Typical subjects

Thực hành Game

Practice Game

Not only playing games, learning simple game skills, the school's training goal is to help students with skills, tactics, learn the bases, reasons, and basic knowledge to win.

Thực hành vận hành, lên kế hoạch sự kiện game

Practice operating, planning game events

Students are taught by experts in event planning and professional planning.

Students can get hands-on practical experience when becoming a support staff or a planner at an esport congress with more than 1000 attendees organized by the Esport event organization association and Esport organization. Okayama Prefecture.

Education for eSports

Learn to survive in today's society through eSport!

OBC not only has the goal of training professional gamers, but the main goal of the school is to train students to mature and develop through the 2 most popular games today.

Learn important "3 skills" through Esport

Learn important skills such as planning, solving, dealing with difficulties, etc. (Business Skill), communication ability, self-management ability, etc. (Human Skill)

Kỹ năng quan trọng thông qua Esport


Liên Minh Huyền Thoại

League of Legends

It is a popular game with many large-scale competitions around the world. The pacing RPG and power RTS (real-time strategy) elements resonate with this game's signature sense of speed. Due to its high level of competition, professional tournaments are held around the world and it is also an e-sport whose world championship is officially recognized as the "League of Legends World Championship (WCS)" attracted a record following of 99.6 million viewers.



"PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS" is a battle game where each turn can have up to 100 players and can end up with only 1 survivor left. All players will participate in an intense battle, find and use the weapons and vehicles themselves to fight in a safe area that will gradually shrink.

Esport faculty's soon-to-be-completed facilities

3 phút đi bộ từ ga trung tâm thành phố Okayam

3 minutes walk from Okayama city center station with full modern equipment to support learning.

Classrooms are fully equipped with equipment that current events and congresses are using. It is a suitable environment for students to learn professional skills as well as business and life skills.

* Illustration for the classroom to be completed in the summer of 2021.

Sinh viên có thể cùng với các bạn học tạo thành một nhóm để thi đấu

Students can form a team with their classmates to compete at conventions to hone their skills during long breaks or holidays!

The school encourages students, in addition to studying in class, to actively participate in activities and learn during vacations.

Students can challenge themselves and their team by attending events or congresses held every year.

Specialized faculty at OBC