Studying at Iwatacho Campus. Duration of study: 01 year.

Equipment designated by the Minister of Health.

Master the orthodox “Washoku” technique!

Khoa Đầu bếp Ẩm thực Nhật Bản

03 special features of Japanese Culinary Cooking Department

Over 400 hours of practice in 1 year!

Traditional Japanese cuisine, also known as "Washoku", became a World Cultural Heritage site recognized by UNESCO in 2013 and is increasingly interested and loved by the whole world. At OBC, students can learn and practice all the professional knowledge and skills about authentic Japanese cuisine from the most basic to advanced.

Hơn 400 giờ thực hành

Get a National Chef's Certificate without having to go through a centralized competition!

One year studying at OBC is the SHORT path for all students in the process of achieving the National Culinary Chef Certificate, above all, there is NO need to go through a concentrated competition like everyone else. This is a mandatory practice certificate for many restaurants and hotels, as well as receiving trust and a great competitive advantage on the path of career development when returning to the country later.

Đạt chứng chỉ đầu bếp cấp quốc gia

The teacher edits the menu notebook for each student!

Each student in the learning process writes their own menus in their personal notebooks and is edited and supplemented by the teachers to be most appropriate. There are many students after 1 year of study who needed 3 notebooks to write all their menus. This will be a valuable keepsake for each student on the path of career development and career development in the future.

Hướng đến xin việc tại tại các nhà hàng nổi tiếng


- Rate of getting a job after graduation: 100%

- Working at a Japanese restaurant: 38%

- Working at the hotel: 25%

- LWorking at an inn: 10%

- Working at the restaurant to make rice: 10%

- Working at a traditional Japanese restaurant: 7%

- Working at a wedding restaurant: 7%

- Working elsewhere: 3%

Future work:

Chefs at Hotels, Inns, Kindergartens, Japanese Restaurants, Restaurants, Japanese Restaurants Abroad, Japanese Restaurants, Hospitals, Large Restaurant Chains, Nursing Homes, Sushi Bars, Schools.

Typical certificates should aim for:

National Certificate of Chef (Acquired upon graduation), Certificate of Food Hygiene and Safety Management, Certificate of Skill Censorship (100% of students achieved in 2019), Certificate of Education Instruction ( 100% students achieved in 2019).

Công việc trong tương lai

Message from Alumni

"Learn the necessary skills that are currently popular at famous restaurants and prepare them with fresh ingredients!"

Friend Kenta Ono – Japanese Chef

Graduated in 2020

Working at Uemura Restaurant

Kenta Ono

Currently, I am working as a chef at a restaurant. Every day, my colleagues and I prepare ingredients, cook and then clean up. I am very happy because I feel my growth every day when the speed at which I work is getting faster and more accurate.

I increasingly feel the connection between me and the client when people talk and remember faces. Above all, here I get to work with a famous chef that I have always admired.

Kenta Ono

At school, I learned the most clean processing techniques. I have known the importance of food hygiene and safety before, but actually when working at a restaurant, this is more important than I thought. Therefore, I am very grateful to the teachers who taught me many useful skills to help me quickly adapt to today's real working environment.

A special feature at OBC is practicing skills with fresh ingredients. Students are encouraged not to be afraid to fail, always try to challenge many new ideas, are closely followed and guided by teachers, so I am very confident with my current knowledge and abilities.

Kenta Ono

"Starting a new step from learning the basic knowledge and skills of Japanese cuisine!"

Ami Oda – Japanese Chef

Graduated in 2019

Working at Shoun Restaurant

Ami Oda

I am in charge of preparing, serving and delivering portion meals, the demand for portion rice is increasing day by day due to the complicated corona epidemic.

Not only when cooking, the moment of meeting and handing meals directly to customers also makes me very happy. Many customers have told me: "I really limit eating out, but the food at your restaurant is as delicious as being cooked at home!", this gives me a lot of motivation to try harder in the future.

Ami Oda

The difference is that at OBC, all students are guided by teachers and follow closely in small groups. Therefore, the teachers are always right next to me, very close to teaching me in detail the processing techniques and I am really grateful for this. I have a lot of good memories when I practice and learn from teachers.

My current goal is to be able to come up with ideas and create menus based on reasonable cost calculations of ingredients. I want to develop my skills more and more and challenge myself more in the future.

Ami Oda

Study method at OBC

Advanced skills training from specialized lectures as well as extra hands-on support for students after school!

Học tập chuyên sâu kiến thức nền tảng In-depth study of foundational knowledge and necessary skills in practice
Thực hành kỹ năng cơ bản Practice basic and advanced skills of preparing fish, meat to vegetables
Thực hành kỹ năng nâng cao Practice improving your skills in making famous dishes like sushi, tempura, etc

Typical subjects

Thực hành nguyên liệu

Practice with fresh ingredients

Improve practical skills by using fresh ingredients, modern equipment. There are also extra-curricular internships tailored to each student's aspirations.

Thực hành đầu bếp tổng hợp

General chef practice

Practice all the steps from preparing ingredients, cooking, serving to cleaning. This is an opportunity for all students to take charge together, learn from each other and grow up together.

Student's Voice

"Besides the skill classes, I also learned many other useful things!

Every day, practicing and absorbing a variety of specialized knowledge of the Japanese culinary industry, I feel like I have a dream to spread the wonderful things that Japanese cuisine brings to more places around the world.

The highlight at OBC is that as long as students are determined to strive, the teachers will nurture and support them wholeheartedly.”. (Friend Yume Ohashi)

Yume Ohashi

Study route at Department Of Japanese Culinary Cooking

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Other specialized faculty at OBC